IPPT Calculator

A simpler three-station IPPT format to encourage personal ownership of fitness. The new three-station test format comprises push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2.4km run. These stations will measure the strength and cardiovascular fitness of our NSmen. This new and simpler format would allow our NSmen to train and maintain their fitness, without the need for specialised technique or equipment, and can be incorporated as exercises in their daily routine. The new format would further motivate our NSmen to take greater ownership of their fitness. 

 Basic Fitness Component IPPT Station 
 Upper body strength and endurance  Push-Up
 Abdominal strength and endurance Sit-Up
 Cardiovascular fitness, and lower body strength and endurance2.4km run 

New scoring system to motivate personal excellence. The new scoring system allows an NSman to score up to 50 points for the 2.4km run, and 25 points each for the push-up and sit-up test stations. Similar to the current IPPT, NSmen will need to score the requisite number of points to achieve a Pass, Pass with monetary incentive, Silver or Gold IPPT awards. 

 Award Type Total Points RequiredAward Cash 
 Pass with Incentive >=61$200 

Shorter age categories for a better performance-to-age match. The current age categories will also be shortened from 5-year bands to 3-year bands. This shorter age categories would allow the Home Team to better differentiate the different age groups of our NSmen, and is a better performance-to-age match. Instead of having to perform to the same standards in a five-year age block, NSmen will perform to a 2 new standard every three years. This shorter age category would be more sensitive to the effects of age on the physical fitness of our NSmen.